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Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company? 

A: We are factory .We warmly welcome you to our factory for visiting and cooperation.

Q2: How to install the roof top tent?

A:Install video and user’s manual will be sent to you, on line customer service is also available. Our roof tent is suitable for most SUV, MPV, trailer with roof rack.

Q3: May I get one sample for quality checking?

A:It's no problem. You can contact us for samples to check product quality.

Q4: What's your delivery terms?

A: FOB, EXW, It can be negotiation by your convenience.

Q5: Is the hardware for mounting the tent included?

A: Yes. The mounting kit is typically located in the front pocket of the tent along with a tool kit.

Q6: Are there any special reminders about the precautions for staying overnight in a roof tent?

A: The roof tent is made from a sealed, watertight material and is not breathable. It is recommended that at least one window is kept partially open to ensure adequate ventilation for the occupants, and to reduce condensation.

Q7: How should I clean/treat the tent's body?

A: For the body fabric, most of the tents are made from a synthetic fabric so make sure to use a cleaner/waterproof treatment designed for that type of fabric. We recommend cleaning and treating your tent at least once a year.

Also, be sure to clean out any of the fabricated components using a soft brush and/or air compressor.

Q8: How should I store my rooftop tent long term?

A: There are several recommended ways to store your tent, but first be sure the tent is dried out.

If you have to close your tent wet when you leave camp, always open it up and dry it out immediately upon returning home. Mold and mildew can form if left for too many days.

When removing your tent always get another person to assist you. This will help prevent you from injury and possibly damaging your vehicle. If you have to remove the tent yourself, a hoist system of some sort is recommended. There are several kayak hoist systems that would work great for this.

If you have to take the tent off and store it in your garage, make sure you never set the tent down on the cement which could damage the exterior PVC cover. Always use a foam pad to set the tent on, and yes, it’s okay to set most models on their side.

One thing people don’t think of, is wrapping the tent up in a tarp to prevent rodents from damaging the fabric. The best recommendation is to wrap the tent in stretch wrap to protect the fabric from moisture, dust, and critters."