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Adjustable Height Heavy-duty Truck Tower System Truck Bed Rack

Short Description:

Model No.:Wild Land Truck Tower System

For weekend adventures and hardworking weekdays, the Wild Land adjustable height heavy-duty truck tower system brings best-in-class payload and unmatched versatility. The height can be adjusted 48-72cm and length can be adjusted 100-130cm to suit your needs; way up, for long loads to go over the cab; down low to get the rack and load down out of the wind; and the infinite number of positions in between. This is an ultra-functional truck bed rack that works and plays hard.

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  • The Adjustable Height Heavy-duty Truck Tower System is versatile and easy-to-use. Mobile camping house, creating extra space for Pickups
  • Robust with strong bearing capacity. High quality carbon steel ensures a strong bearing capacity with maximum endurance up to 250kg, firm and safe
  • The Adjustable Height Heavy-duty Truck Tower System can carry kayaks, surfboards, bikes, rooftop tents, lumber and more
  • Modular design: Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Mobile storage warehouse. The truck tower system and back bucket of the pickup truck can be an independent safety space, serving as a mobile "storage bin" for outdoor gear
  • Adjustable and compatible. The height and length can be freely adjusted to meet most kinds of Pickups. It can be extended to 24cm high and 30cm long for maximum utility and versatility
  • Humanized storage design. The unique retractable side tube design makes it easy to store outdoor tools: engineer shovels, release plates, knives, tool boxes and other off-road equipment


  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Bearing capacity: 250kg(551lbs)
  • Net weight: 38.8kg(86lbs)
  • Gross weight: 42kg(93)
  • Dimensions: Length (100-130cm(39-51in)), Width (back bucket width<190cm), Height (48-72cm(19-28in))
  • Packing Size: 146x40x29cm(57x16x11in)

Compatible for vehicles featured below:
①Without anti-roll frame.
②Without rear bucket rolling curtain and the width of cover and rear bucket should be less than 1.9m.
③The upper end of the rear bucket side door is provided with an internal groove.

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